First Post! Here we are!!

If you’re like us, you can’t imagine your life without your neighborhood hole-in-the-wall coffee joint. Take a moment to picture it – the mood lighting, the comfy chairs…that ahmahgah delicious aroma of a premium dark roast-in-progress. Throw in the fact that caffeine is readily available in various yummy delicious forms and you’ve got at least one of us ready to take up residence. But it doesn’t stop there…

Enter into the haven of the handmade. Wall art, pottery, jewelry, accessories and more – the intimate little cafes we love so much are quickly becoming breath-taking displays all of the things that get our creative blood movin’ to all those right places.

So what do you get when you take two chicks on a caffeine high, mix in some local artisan inspiration and a dash of idle hands? You’ve just found it.

Welcome to Coffee Break Creations, where our desire is to keep you informed of all things caffeinated and delicious, handmade and gorgeous, inimitable and even (sssshhh!) easily replicable! There’ll be reviews, DIYS, craftastrophes…you name it, if it’s crafty it’ll be covered. We hope you’ll stick with us on our quest for handcrafted gold, it’s sure to be a blast!